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ONI Rhytemper®


Special temperature control units

Our indirect cooled high performance temperature control units are distinguished by a particularly large circulation pump flowrate. The enlarged internal stainless steel piping and 2 inch equipment connections to the consumer ensure very effective tooling supply and thus a constantly high product quality.

High-performance and special temperature control units, with the circulating medium water,

termperature range 10 - 160 °C

  • Flow volume up to 35 m³/h
  • Pump pressure up to 8,8 bar
  • Connection sizes up to 2 inch
  • Internal stainless steel piping
  • Leak stop function

Scope of supply

  • Connection-ready unit with microprocessor control
  • Integrated level and temperature monitoring
  • Interface for the RHYTEMPER® central unit
max. water temperature

160°C (320°F)

heating capacity

18 /  36 / 54 /  72 kW

cooling capacity (at ΔT=70K)


220 kW / 150 kW  (Standard*)

400 kW / 290 kW (Increased cooling**)

max. operating pressure

8.8 bar

max. flow

35 m³/h

operating voltage

400 V AC /3 ~PE/ 50 Hz

special voltage optional

Process connections

2 inch

Cooling water connections

¾ inch (Standard)

1 inch (Increased cooling)



(with connection fitting)





(with eyebold)


1362 mm

(1594 mm)


500 mm


1425 mm

(1470 mm)


400 - 450 kg

Special applications require special solutions!

Due to the constantly alternating heating and cooling operation which is a result of the equipment control deviation, conventional temperature control units consume unnecessary energy thus driving up costs.

Unlike conventional temperature control systems, a FlexControl series RHYTEMPER® system can, for example, manage without any heating power in the process. This saves 100% of the typical incidental heating energy costs. Beyond this the cooling energy fraction, necessary for compensating control inaccuracies in temperature control equipment, is dispensed with.

A further plus is the interruption of the temperature control medium when opening the mould. This not only reduces energy consumption but also improves the process conditions for each new injection cycle and hence for each fresh occupancy of the mould.

Doing away with a recirculation pump in the RHYTEMPER® system immediately leads to several savings impacts. Apart from savings on expensive electricity, recooling energy for the lost pump heat is avoided.

All in all, RHYTEMPER® systems thereby reduce the heat energy requirement to zero, the cooling energy expense to that which is strictly necessary and with it the costs for the tooling temperature control to an absolute minimum.

Getting to series production conditions in the shortest time is extremely important for the plastics processor. Depending on tooling and shot weight, a start-up phase without pre-temperature regulation is not possible.

With the RHYTEMPER® temperature control unit, the start-up period until the quality-compatible operating temperature is reached is massively shortened! Unnecessary waiting times due to manual tooling warm-up are thereby dispensed with. Beyond this, individual tooling zones which require permanent thermal heat can be supplied via the pre-heat unit as required. The organisation of the requirement orientated pre-heating in start-up operation as well as providing the individual tooling zones with thermal heat is done via the central RHYTEMPER® regulation unit. The RHYTEMPER® temperature control units thereby makes an important contribution to the best possible utilisation of process times and hence piece cost optimisation.

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