Oni Rhytemper - Die Temperatur auf den Punkt gebracht! Oni Rhytemper - Die Temperatur auf den Punkt gebracht!



ONI Rhytemper® pre-heating units

Extensions to our temperature control systems

There are perfectly matched accessories for the ONI RHYTEMPER® temperature control systems. The deployment of pre-heating stations permits the setup and startup effort in the production of injection moulded commodities to be additionally reduced.

Scope of supply

  • Brass distributor including volume flow measurement
  • Hand regulation valve for each consumer feed line
  • Temperature measurement for each consumer return line
  • Includes Profi visualisation unit
  • Consumer outlets with shut-off valve (feed and return)
  • Mobile frame construction to accept the pre-heating station
Temperature measurement

temperature sensor

Measurement method

turbine 0.3 – 40 l/min, 160 °C

Measurement medium


Main media flow connection

1½ inch female

Consumer circuit connection

½ inch female

Max. permissible operating pressure

16 bar at 160 °C

    Preheating function for an effective production start

    As extensions to our temperature control systems, ONI RHYTEMPER® offers a variety of individual solutions for pre-heating the tooling on the machine or in a separate pre-heating place.

    All key figures and measured values of the pre-heating unit can be retrieved simply via the Profi visualisation unit and are clearly illustrated on the 10.4 inch TFT touchscreen.

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