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ONI Rhytemper®


high-pressure cooling unit

The CorePulse series high-pressure cooling units by ONI Temperiertechnik RHYTEMPER® GmbH are ideally suited for deployment with quill cores or super short-term cooling cross-sections in die-casting molds in conjunction with the compact ONI CorePulse manifold.

Special features

  • Powerful high-pressure piston pump (up to 25 bar)
  • Efficient cooling through a large plate heat exchanger (indirect cooling 65kW)
  • Monitoring and control of each individual quill
  • Manual rinsing function for selected quills
  • Automatic water exchange

Integrated monitoring unit and displays

  • Central core break control (analysis per individual circuit)
  • Digital monitoring of tank level
  • Digital monitoring of the tank temperature
  • Digital filter monitoring
  • Digital monitoring of system pressure
  • Recording hours of operation

Performance data


   water temperature




     System pressure

     max. volume



20,0 – 25,0 bar

3,6 m³/h (60l/min)

4 kW

   Pressured air

6 – 10 bar

   Cooling capacity

65 kW

Cooling circuit

   max. Number of

   single circuits




   max. Number of Dis


   Connection single

   circuits (cores)

   at distributor


¼ inch

   Connection consumer

   (distributor) at the







¾ inch

1 inch


   compressed air


¼ inch



   (with connection




1070 mm

(1200 mm)


490 mm

1000 mm

   Empty weight

200-250 kg

   Tank volume

70 liters

Media supply


     Pressure (min.)



1 bar

1 inch


     Pressure difference




0 bar


½ inch

   Operating voltage

400 V AC | 3~ PE | 50 Hz
Special voltages on request

ideally suited for deployment with quill cores or super short-term cooling cross-sections


The RHY-CorePulse series devices were specially developed for the multi-circuit cooling of quills and cores and are characterized by the control and monitoring of each individual quill with the temperatures and flow rates of each connected temperature control circuit and the individual circuits being checked and regulated.
A piston pump is used to effectively supply up to four 8-way manifolds with a high flow rate and higher feed pressure.
The pressure-monitored filters in the feed line and in the process return line and the air filter on the tank effectively protect against dirt and deposits produced in the process. The flushing function of selected quills and the automatic water exchange function effectively enhance its serviceability.
On standard models, the CorePulse supply unit is fitted with a PLC controller with a 7-inch touchscreen display, level and temperature monitoring unit, and a digital interface (RS485) used for communication of the cooling unit with the Rhytemper® FlexControl, FlowWatch or HotPulse control, and for remote adjustment.

Standard configuration 

  •    -   User-friendly PLC controller with a 7-inch touchscreen display
  •    -   Digital interface RS485
  •    -   Robust, powder-coated housing for industrial use
  •    -   In RAL 7016 / 5002; special colors on request
  •    -   Standard design on equipment castors
  •    -   Corrosion-resistant stainless steel / brass materials
  •    -   Filter on the equipment inlet and also in the consumer return included
  •    -   5-meter connecting lead with CEE plug
  •    -   Fanless electrical cabinet with IP54 protection class


Optional equipment 

  •    -   Automatic water treatment through pH sensor and metering pump
  •    -   Compressed air treatment unit
  •    -   Analog or digital interfaces
  •        -   4 – 20 mA
  •        -   Profinet
  •        -   Profibus
  •        -   OPC UA with Euromap 82.1
  •        -   TTY
  •    -   Special housing color 
  •    -   Special voltage 
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