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ONI Rhytemper® Blow down units

Extensions to our temperature control systems

There are perfectly matched accessories for the temperature control systems by ONI. Blow down units are for effectively emptying the cooling ducts of injection moulding tooling prior to a tool change. This procedure reliably protects the cooling ducts from rust formation during storage.

  • Ball valves for isolating the block modules from the works mains including fittings
  • Fitting for the compressed air connection
  • Hose nozzles for connecting the emptying unit
  • Non-return valves
  • Optional: mobile frame construction to accept the blow down unit
Power range

3 – 54 kW

Max. water feed line temperature

up to 160 °C

Group circuit connections

1, 1¼, 1½, 2 inch

    The blow down function reliably eliminates water residues from the cooling ducts thereby guaranteeing the optimum storage of the replaced tooling.

    In so doing attention is to be paid that blowing down the tooling may only take place at a media temperature of under 40 °C.

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