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A fine example of sports promotion in Saxony

ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper GmbH has been supporting SC 1911 Großröhrsdorf e.V. for years with financial means in a higher 4-digit amount per year. In addition, for example, a sum of € 15,000 was provided for the construction of the long jump facility on the sports field.

Mr. Oehm understands the support of the local club as a measure to bind young people to the region to a certain extent via the “Brücke Sportkameradschaft (Bridge Sports Comradeship)” and, in addition, to promote values such as cohesion, i.e. comradeship, discipline, ambition and the will to perform.

Last Friday, Mr. Oehm and Mr. Liebsch, managing directors of ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper GmbH, spontaneously decided to reward the first-class work of the association once again with a special financial grant of € 2,000. So that the "little players" also get a direct impression of the warmly intended support, Mr Oehm had decided to give each of the little visitors a high-quality football and also a teddy bear - the TONI from ONI.

The enthusiasm of the children, who received the beautiful gifts with sparkling eyes, was correspondingly exuberant. Besides Mr. Oehm, the Minister of Finance of the Free State of Saxony, Dr. Haß, was especially pleased about this, as can be seen on the photo in the foyer.

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